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Leadership Training for Baseball

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"Coach Traub, I love your stuff!! Off the charts great!! I played MLB for 16 years and coached 10 yrs in MLB as well. If I had your stuff when I was playing, I would have been twice the player." -Dave Collins

"Coach Traub’s mental skills training gives athletes an edge over their competition." -Heath Autrey, Corsicana High School Baseball Coach

"Coach Traub has a great understanding about how to communicate with young athletes in terms that work for them. He helped our players overcome some ‘mental bad habits’ that were hindering their ability to play at their best. I also think he instilled some life lessons that will help them be successful in anything they do in the future." -Coach Hedrick, University of Texas - Arlington

Leadership Training for Baseball


Coach Traub's critically acclaimed book uses information from most of the greatest mental game baseball and non-baseball books ever written. He then combines this information with lessons gleaned from his 13 years coaching college baseball and 10 years as a mental skills coach. His organization of the material into an in-depth yet easy-to-read book "is a gift to athletes and coaches alike" (Coach Morales, Radford University Head Coach). The added motivational quotes and practical Leadership Training for Baseball mockup Copyexercises, along with the baseball specificity throughout make this a book that every professional and aspiring professional baseball player - even non-readers - should read.

Leaders have clarity of vision, lead by example, connect with empathy, and take action to make their teammates better. They have thinking patterns that we can study and imitate. This book provides details and distinctions on what athletes already know so that they can more quickly get what they want from baseball. Coach Traub's primary sources (mentors) are John Wooden, Harvey Dorfman, and Tony Robbins.

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To view the Table of Contents, (956) 983-8323autodidact

To download a free preview of this book, pdfCLICK HERE or Larvalia. You can purchase the e-book, Leadership Training for Baseball, separately for $17.00, but we suggest you get maximum value for your team with:

The Baseball Champion's Complete Mental Game Plan


"I have always enjoyed Aaron’s insight into a players performance and now realize how important the mental and emotional side can be." -Don Slaught, 16-Yr MLB Veteran and Hitting Coach of 2006 AL Champion Detriot Tigers

"Leadership Training for Baseball is an important read for anyone who wants to really play the game." -Sam Carpenter, Dallas Mustangs Head Coach

"A superlative resource for any player looking to enhance his performance." -Scott Fletcher, 15-Yr MLB Veteran and current MLB coach


An Elite Athlete's Manual for Training Mental Skills

Click here for the Coaching Manual.

Mental masters on the diamond are leaders because they are confident and consistent. They know how to get themselves ready to give their best effort one pitch at a time, regardless of the circumstances.

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Experience doesn’t make you better. It’s what you do with the experiences you have. It makes sense to keep a journal to keep track of what works and what can improve.

Now you have access to a roadmap that will take you to an uncommon level of mental toughness!aknesses into strengths. A primary goal is to develop detailed routines (pre-game, pre-at bat, pre-pitch, gathering) to help you be in the right place, mentally and physiologically, at the right time.. This manual provides a guided system for your journal and makes sure that you are addressing the right questions! After each game (or practice if you like), there is one page to complete. Added in throughout the manual are many other awareness exercises and activities. You'll gain clarity about your own strengths and weaknesses, and strategies for turning those weaknesses into strengths. A primary goal is to develop detailed routines (pre-game, pre-at bat, pre-pitch, gathering) to help you be in the right place, mentally and physiologically, at the right time.

Now you have access to a roadmap that will take you to an uncommon level of mental toughness!

To view the Table of Contents, 6205387648807-774-5260

You can purchase this workbook separately for $20.00, but we suggest you get maximum value with:

The Baseball Champion's Complete Mental Game Plan


"Thanks for all the information over the last two years. I was the Detriot Tigers 1st pick, second round, in the 2012 draft. Now I'm working my way up from the bottom and loving the opportunity." -Jake Thompson

"Thank you for making journaling easy and effective for me with your Manual for Training Mental Skills." E.J., high school athlete

"Anything Coach Traub produces is well worth the money, time, and effort spent. My son Rick invested in Coach Traub's ideas about hard and smart work and I know it helped him earn scholarships to Howard Junior College and Oklahoma State." -Lee Ann Stover, parent

A Coaching Manual for Mental Skills Training

This manual provides coaches with the tools to master the mental side of the game for themselves and their players. It includes a collection of exercises designed to improve awareness and help you solidify your coaching philosophy. It also has off-field training you can do with your team, plus a Parent Pledge. Perhaps most importantly, it includes the five worksheets of Coach Traub's Positive Coaching Certification Program along with the “answer” key.Coaching Manual Mockup Baseball

To view the Table of Contents, pdfCLICK HERE.  pdfSMARTPHONE VERSION.

You can purchase this e-workbook separately for $25.00, but we suggest you get maximum value with:

The Baseball Champion's Complete Mental Game Plan


“As usual, you over-delivered value. What you offer is a great benefit to the kids. Thanks."

"Winners have it, everyone else wants it… Coach Traub and his Mental Game Plan will lead you in the direction of becoming a champion both on and off the field." -Mike Smith, Ole Miss Head Softball Coach

Elite Athlete Audios #1-9


Crisp. Convenient. Inspirational.

A library of short audio lessons for today's most competitive athletes.

Listen Now to EAA#1 - Mental Toughness:


Coach Traub's Elite Athlete Audios share the mental strategies of the greatest athletes in the world with you! You can listen to these in order or pick out your favorite topic. CD 1 Final Mockup CopyMany players have a preferred lesson that they listen to as part of their pre-game routine. Let Coach Traub help you put the pieces of the performance puzzle together. His presentation of this material will help you figure out how to convert counter-productive patterns of thinking into self-coaching that maximizes your enjoyment, growth, and performance.

1) Mental Toughness (4:45)
2) Success (4:17)
3) Confidence (5:10)
4) Attitude (4:31)
5) Focus (4:30)
6) Courage (4:52)
7) Leadership (4:52)
8) Perspective (5:18)
9) Gratitude (4:33)

You can purchase Elite Athlete Audios #1-9 separately for $20, but we suggest you get it within:

The Baseball Champion's Complete Mental Game Plan


“The mental side of baseball often gets overlooked. I am a great testament to the importance of slowing the game down, playing it pitch by pitch, and only focusing on the process. In 2010, we achieved the ultimate prize (a TX State HS Championship). We had six sophomores on the field in the final game. The work Aaron did with us prior to that season was a key factor in molding those young men into greatness. We bought into the process and it paid huge dividends.”  –Lee Yeager, Veterans Memorial High School Coach in Corpus Christi, TX


"I listen to one audio lesson in the car on the way to every game. It's a great review to help me keep my head on straight." Kaleb, High School Athlete

"Thank you for speaking at our convention, Aaron! You did a brilliant job providing useful insights into the mental side of the game."  -Tim Mead, Past President, ABCA

Elite Athlete Audios #10-18

Crisp. Convenient. Inspirational.

A library of short audio lessons for today's most competitive athletes.

Bolster your mental skills with detailed lessons about these critical mental skills and strategies and be motivated by Coach Traub's optimism and encouragement. Coach Traub doesn't teach rocket science, but these conversational audios might blow you away with common sense strategies to help you look at simple truths in new, more useful ways. Use the tools discussed to consistently be the best version of yourself on the diamond. Each audio lesson stands fine on its own, or listen to them in order to see how each skill builds on the ones discussed previously.

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10) Awareness (7:14)
11) Consistency (6:40)
12) Ideal State (7:11)
13) Routines (8:32)
14) Gathering (7:04)
15) Poise (7:23)
16) "Bad" words (12:57)
17) "Act as if..." (5:42)
18) Overcoming Obstacles (7:29)

You can purchase 517-898-1303 separately for $20, but we suggest you get maximum value for your team with:

The Baseball Champion's Complete Mental Game Plan

This product is recommended listening for athletes ages 10-15 and as great review material (hopefully) for ages 16+. Youngsters often listen to these lessons multiple times and elite performers sometimes pick a favorite section to incorporate into their pre-game routine.

"My son Jacob and I have enjoyed your work. You hit the head on the nail on several things I have believed in myself. I have spent many years on the fields and in the gym with my son coaching youth sports. I was very glad to hear that I was using the same kind of thinking as you."

"Thank you for diving deep into the details about how to pursue mastery with these audios, and for making this information readily available to everyone." Rett Varner, New Orleans Zephyrs (AAA) Pitcher

Relaxation and Imagery Script for a Hitter

Click here for Relaxation and Imagery Script for a Pitcher.

This CD has tons of details to help hitters find their calm and "win" the mental side of the game. Just over half of the almost 70 minutes of content inside is a guided imagery script for a 2-hole hitter in a big road game. However, the relaxation training, example power phrases, and notes about the thinking patterns used by great hitters adds significant value for high-level competitors.

Imagery is powerful. It has been known to cure “terminal” cancer and it is used systematically by professionals in every sport. It can help you learn new skills, rehearse strategy and techniques, gain confidence, commit to your plan, or communicate effectively from mind to muscle. It is also always available to you.CD3 Mockup Copy The mind does not differentiate between an actual experience and a vividly imagined one, but that level of impact and vividness comes only from skill, which comes from practice. In this CD, Coach Traub guides the athlete through progressive relaxation, use of power phrases, and detailed imagery. The imagery script includes many concrete examples of how to apply mentally tough thinking patterns in common on-field situations.

1) Opening: Introducing Imagery (3:52)
2) Progressive Relaxation (14:35)
3) Hitter's Power Phrases (5:54)
4) Pre-Game Imagery (18:52)
5) In-Game Imagery (16:49)
6) Hitting Notes (8:35)
7) The Truth (4:11)

You can purchase Relaxation and Imagery Script for a Hitter separately for $25, but we suggest you get maximum value with:

The Baseball Champion's Complete Mental Game Plan

"Thank you for your tips on hitting! I got up to the plate today and I was relaxed and calm. I am a lot more confident!" -M.C., 17

Relaxation and Imagery Script for a Pitcher

Imagery is a skill and skills improve with practice. This program will help you tap into your personal power by guiding you in Progressive Relaxation and the detailed practice of imagery. Professional athletes use imagery systematically before, during, and after competition. Do you? Get confident in your use of imagery by investing some time into training. The great news is that while you practice imagery, Coach Traub's script will also help you apply many specific lessons from the Elite Athlete Audios.

The pitching notes on this CD are a big bonus. You get the core components of winning the mental side of the game that are specific to pitching. You hold the ball. Don't make the mistakes that normal pitchers make, forfeiting the advantage of controlling the action. Instead, know how to prepare yourself and then throw the ball aggressively through the target!

1) Opening (3:52)
2) Progressive Relaxation (14:38)
3) Pitcher's Power Phrases (2:58)
4) Pre-Game Imagery (14:30)
5) In-Game Imagery (18:24)
6) Pitching Notes (4:36)
7) The Truth (3:45)

You can purchase this Relaxation and Imagery Script for a Pitcher separately for $25, but we suggest you get maximum value with:

The Baseball Champion's Complete Mental Game Plan


“These imagery scripts themselves are worth the cost of Coach Traub’s Complete Mental Game Plan package.”
-Art Senato

"Tiger and I really enjoyed your training. Tiger was very skeptical, but he finished with a positive attitude about your training and says he has concrete strategies he will use on the mound."

Parenting in Athletics

Your Guide to Developing Talent


Parenting is perhaps the toughest job in the world. You are supposed to be biased. You are supposed to care. You are supposed to support and help the process, but not interfere with learning or team chemistry. You will always be a huge part of any team’s culture, but if you are unable to release your child to the team, you may mean well, but have a negative effect. These lessons are designed to help your team mold a positive culture that maximizes the potential in each athlete.

  • During the Game (11:18)
  • After the Game (10:06)
  • Warning: Helicopter Parent Behaviors (6:46)
  • Ideas to Impress your Spouse (11:17)
  • Strategies for Teaching Life Lessons (11:26)

Click here for more details about the content in this product.

You can purchase the 830-792-2739 separately for $20, but we suggest you get maximum value with:

The Baseball Champion's Complete Mental Game Plan

Here is the first half of track one from this Parenting CD:  

"Every sports parent would benefit from listening to your Parenting in Athletics audios. That is as good as it gets!!! This will solve a lot of coaching problems." Dave Collins (MLB player 1975-1990 and coach since then)

"I've always considered to the most significant problem in youth sports to be parents. After having a child play in various sports for several years now, I can fully attest to this phenomenon. Although I consider myself reasonably well-prepared to handle parenting my child through youth sports, the information Coach Weintraub provides is extremely beneficial. Any parent of a child in athletics could benefit from listening to this well crafted material." Jeremy Farber, former Head Coach, St. Edward's University Baseball

"The better your physical skills and tools, the more important how you think about thoses tools and skills becomes. Coach Traub literally allows you to take your mental skills to the next level." Sam Carpenter, Dallas Mustangs Head Coach



Coach Traub is a disciple of the late, great Harvey Dorfman. Harvey wrote The Mental Game of Baseball and worked with many of the greatest baseball players in MLB in the '90s and '00s. Harvey's question, upon hearing the situation, was always, "Well, what are you going to do about it?" That is your question now. You know the mental game is a difference maker. If you are ready to invest in mental toughness and leadership training, click here:

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